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Look! It’s the new 2.0 version of Miserable Holiday Stories with eleven new pieces!  C’mon – go make someone’s holiday even miserabler this year!  Now available in print and e-book editions from Skyhorse and booksellers everywhere!

Come on – do I even need to tell you at this point?  Go get a copy of Miserable Love Stories!  Now available in print and e-book editions from Skyhorse and booksellers everywhere!

WINNER – 2018 BEST INDIE BOOK AWARD!  Miserable Adventure Stories is now available in both print ($6.99) and e-book ($1.99) editions at Amazon and other fine booksellers!

Miserable Holiday Stories (version 1) is…OUT OF PRINT!  Woot!  You can probably still find dog-eared copies from secondary sellers.  Or – if you really MUST have this slimmer edition, email us and we’ll dig through our back copies and even sign it for you!  Prices vary depending on available stock.


Plrknib is now available at Amazon.

Some early reviews:

“Hysterical, edge-of-your-seat drama.”
“The Power of Jokes permeates this book…in a way rarely seen in fiction.”
“I felt as though I was on stage with him 30 years ago.”

Plrknib retails for $1.99 (ebook) and $6.99 (paperback).

LousyTree2F_midThumb1_120913 BikeBoysCover1H_112014

Miserable Holiday Stories and Bike Boys are now available as ebooks at Amazon.(Well, bike boys is, anyway.)

Miserable Holiday Stories features 10 pieces (actually 11; there’s an Easter egg buried in there) which have appeared in various lit journals over the last few years.  It costs a paltry $1.99, and has gotten very nice reviews so far, including:

     – Awesome read!
     – Eclectic mix, dark and satirical, and
     – This #$@!# is funny!

If an entire collection sounds like way too much reading, then Bicycle Boys is 1/11th the fun at half the price!  Which is a real deal, unless you’re good at math.

Just click on the above images to purchase either book.

Fine Bookstores Everywhere
Below are just a few of the excellent bookstores that currently carry paperback editions of Plrknib, Miserable Adventure Stories and/or Miserable Holiday Stories:

Joseph Beth Booksellers (Cincinnati, OH)
The Golden Notebook (Woodstock, NY)
Quimby’s (Chicago, IL)
Short Stories (Madison, NJ)


Other Periodicals of Interest

In this great new guide to creating tiny theatre, you’ll find a wealth of useful information as well as an anthology of 200 mini-plays from the famous Gi60 shows, including four of mine:  Sleep Tight, King Kwik, Ace and Me, and Nothing.  Click here to pick up a copy at Amazon.  Paperback copies are also available at the Drama Bookstore in NYC.

The long-awaited Vol. III of Encyclopedia includes my short piece, Obscenity Trial.  E3 is a massive, beautiful phone-book sized cornucopia of literary wonderfulness.  Go blow some cash on it!

NPL Cover 2 Hi

You can find my Pushcart Prize nominated story “Dick and Liza” in the premier edition of New Pop Lit.  Click here to pick up a copy at the NPL store.  Paperback copies also available at Quimby’s in Chicago!


Brownie Mix“, a Glimmer Train finalist story, appears in the Dysfunctional Family Story anthology, also available at Amazon.

And of course you can view most of these items and more at my author’s page at Amazon.


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