2 jokes with the same punchline

1) What does a snail riding a turtle say?*  –>  A

2) A little boy and his father are attending a local football game.  The boy says, “Daddy, Daddy, I gotta go wee!”  The dad says, “wait until half-time.”  A minute later the boy tugs at his father, “Daddy, Daddy, I gotta go wee!  I gotta go wee!  Really bad!”  The dad says, “just hold on.  Just wait a few minutes!”  The boy grabs at his father again, “Daddy, Daddy, I gotta go wee!  Now!”  So, the father says “fine!” – and he takes him down behind the bleachers.  And the kid opens his arms wide and says   –>  A

A)  Whee!


* To a snail, a turtle is really fast.

Note:  I didn’t write either of these jokes.  The first I heard in high school from phenomenal stand-up comedian Will Durst (before he was extensively political).  Don’t think he wrote the joke either, though.  The second joke I have no idea where I first heard it.  It’s pretty old, though…