Alex Bernstein is the award-winning author of the Miserable series of books (Miserable Adventure Stories, Miserable Holiday Stories, Miserable Love Stories), and Plrknib. His work has appeared at McSweeney’s, NewPopLit, The Big Jewel, The American Bystander, Yankee Pot Roast, Cincinnati Magazine, USA Today Magazine, Swink, Litro, Back Hair Advocate, Corvus, BluePrintReview, Hobo Pancakes, Gi60, The Rumpus, The Legendary, MonkeyBicycle, and PopImage, among numerous others.

For information regarding review copies of any of Alex’s books, please contact him at alexb0917@gmail.com.

For long time visitors, yes this site used to be called Prom on Mars and that’s still an ongoing branding imprint. If you’re wondering what the hell “Prom on Mars” means, here’s the basic explanation.


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