the dog & pony show

Lots of exciting news this week – first of which is the launch of “The Dog & Pony Show“!

The Dog & Pony Show is a hilarious new series about two very different best friends who choose to leave their magical world behind and move to the not-so-magical big city!

D&P was developed for Discovery Kids and should be appearing on Canadian and Latin America TV any day now.  This Red Knot/Little Aiplane production is the second LA project I’ve been involved with over the last few years and it was an utter delight to work on.  It’s aimed squarely at the 4-7 age crowd (think Spongebob on the slightly younger side) and the storylines are fast, funny and extremely smart.  The last LA show I worked on (P. King Duckling) quickly ended up on Netflix, so I expect to hear where this one will be streaming in the U.S. pretty soon.

p. king duckling

Very excited to announce the launch of P. King Duckling on Disney Jr. which I’m writing for.  My episodes don’t air until the tail end of the season, but I’ve seen the current ones and they are phenomenal!  It’s pre-school but with a major Spongebob vibe to it.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  The folks at Little Airplane did a terrific job.  Thrilled to be part of the launch!

Here’s the theme song.